Just made it yesterday …

… to two wildly different exhibitions before they end tomorrow and am really glad not to have missed Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun: behind the mask, another mask at the NPG. What a courageous, fascinating person was Claude Cahun, here in 1945 with a nazi badge between her teeth after her release from prison in Jersey 

With Gillian Wearing, however, we do not get beyond the mask.  Here, there’s a light switch on a wall papered with images of herself prematurely aged but no light is shed beyond the surface. 

I was resigned to missing Hockney at Tate Britain but in the end went almost by default, due to the British Airways IT failure which grounded my partner’s flight, leaving him with time to go to this exhibition, which he had expressed a desire to see.  I particularly liked Hockney’s drawings and photographic collages such as this one of his mother in 1982

And I do like the light installation Forms in Space…by light (in Time) by Cerith Wyn Evans in the grand space of the Duveen Galleries 


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